Cornerstone Live Stream

The Sunday Gathering will be streamed live on this page each week.  Do join us this Sunday! 

If you experience any issues with viewing the stream on this page, please check our YouTube channel for an alternative.

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Evening Service

There is no evening service currently.

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Technical issues?

Videos will start playing just before the service begins. You may need to refresh your page (or close the browser window and come back to this page) if the video hasn’t started for you. 

When you see the video you may need to press play to begin the stream, and you may need to click the volume icon to unmute the sound.

It would also be a good idea to use the fullscreen icon in the bottom right of the video to make the video take up your whole screen.

If you are having technical issues please ask for help – someone in your community group will be very glad to lend a hand.